The website Remix Studies – Researching the Creative Strategy of Reusing Found Material is a study and resource project adjacent to a doctoral dissertation titled Authorship in a Remix Culture, currently in the writing by Stefan Stefanov, sometimes writing under the aliases Cheeseus or Dalai Lamia. Stefan's DJing alias is Sir Dancealot.

The author is Lecturer in Specialised Translation at the St Cyril and St Methodius University of Veliko Tarnovo and has been teaching since 2005. Stefan Stefanov is also a practising translator working for a number of business clients and translation agencies around the world. Translation, just like teaching, is not merely a means of sustenance and well-being, rather, it is a life-long fascination with languages and meaning, life, the universe and everything else.

Stefan's interest in music is probably as old as he is but he has consciously regarded himself an enchanted fan of electronic music since the age of 12, when in a January afternoon of 1990, just as classes had finished, his friend Kiril asked him if he wanted to listen to "this really cool tape" his cousin had just brought him from the Netherlands. The tape contained a twenty-six-minute house music mix of a dozen songs, some of which reworkings into modern dance synth versions.

His curiosity about Remix as a phenomenon dominating the current cultural practices of societies locally and globally streams from his own experience of discovering a host of dated brilliant artworks through their remix versions circulating in the cultural landscape of the day. Add a spoonful of school-days interest in History and representations, particularly in fiction works by writers such as Karl May, Emilio Salgari, Mein Rid, Jules Verne, Daniel Defoe etc., pour a fair amount of science fiction, a pinch or two of Postmodern disbelief in officially sanctioned versions, mix with natural inquisitiveness and you get Stefan's desire to pursuit an academic career exploring (English) culture and the mechanism behind the curtains.

On this website you will find a great part of the Remix Culture paradigm description. Taking advantage of the numerous possibilities to experience culture that digital text (hypertext), the personal computer and the Internet give us, the dissertation here will assume a more multimedia presentation character. The purpose of the Remix Culture website is to extend the dissertation work by exemplifying its contentions, including the New Literacy of the Digital Age that has superseded traditional text-based literacy.

The site also offers interested visitors to get involved in the project by discussing its assertions or contributing to what is conceived to eventually become a Remix Culture exploration web-based discussion board. Please note that no part or whole of the text and presentation decisions can be used without the author's prior permission. Yes, copyright will also receive due attention.