The No Fire Today Remix is most apposite an example of how remix works as a creative strategy of reusing found material.

No Fire Today Remix demonstrates the creative possibility that accessible and user-friendly digital sampling and mixing tools afford to people who would otherwise never be able to author something.


The source video (the first part), a television interview with a black American woman speaking with a peculiar and hilarious accent, is deconstructed into word- or phase-length speech samples, that are subsequently looped, modulated, and overlaid with suitable sound samples characteristic of the new "twerk" sub-genre of rap music. As the onscreen subtitles show the viewer, the second part of the video is remix proper, i.e. the source content has been re-mixed, some new material inserted, whereas the third part of the video is mashup proper - an existing work (the remix work that has already been produced in part two) is now mixed, intertwined, with bits and pieces from other works, such as the spectator is expected to be acquainted with.