You have probably seen that cool series of Volvo Truck adverts where stunning experiments are being performed live to demonstrate the stability and reliability of the trucks. One of them was the Epic Split where Jean-Claude Van Damme performs a split standing between two Volvo trucks moving backwards and slowly drifting apart.

This advert stirred quite a bit of attention and soon a Hungarian CGI company released a parody video called Greetings from Chuck (The Epic Christmas Split). In it, the action star is performing a split standing on the wings of two jets flying high in the air. But that is not all - on Chuck Norris' shoulders are standing ten soldiers in combat uniform making a Christmas tree!

Van Damme's response soon followed in the Zero Gravity Split. In the video, Van Damme performs his epic split standing on the wings of two satellites orbiting the Earth. Can you go more epic than this?

In the three videos we see Remix at work: the second and third video take the theme and recast it in new dimensions, while preserving the reference to the original. They require familiarity with the original to make sense of, and as such are, to use Navas' typology, selective remixes.

Meanwhile, there is intertextuality present in these videos. The most obvious intertextual element in Zero Gravity Split is the text appearing at the end of the video: 'One split for man, one giant leap for mankind', obviously a restatement of Neal Armstrong's famous first words uttered when he set foot on the Moon. The less explicit intertextual reference is the preconditional knowledge that both Van Damme and - especially - Chuck Norris are renowned for their strength to the extent that superhuman powers are frequently attributed to them in numerous jokes.