German techno-rave band Scooter have made many covers of 1970s and 1980s hit songs, including I'm Raving which sourced Cher's Walking in Memphis.

In Jump That Rock (Whatever You Want) Scooter deliver a strong bass techno version of Status Quo's original 1979 track Whatever You Want. In the music video both bands perform together, conveniently standing in neighbouring rooms the shared wall of which is being gradually demolished by a wrecking ball with the British flag on it.

Unlike other types of remix, in this case the original artist(s) and the remix artist(s) are working together to produce the remix, which is why I term this collaborative remix. An earlier example of the type is the 1987 Aerosmith featuring Run DMC Walk This Way remix, which reworks Aerosmith's 1975 song by the same name. The Scooter vs. Status Quo video actually borrows the breaking-the-wall motif from the Walk This Way video.