Reflexive Remix

‘Remix is an essential act of RW creativity. It is the expression of a freedom to take “the songs of the day or the old songs” and create with them’ (Lessig 56). One 2014 club hit neatly illustrates this principle: songwriter, producer, remixer, and DJ, Edu Imbernon collaborates with vocalist and producer Sutja Gutiérrez who sings the lyrics from English rock band Joy Division’s 1979 Candidate (1), retaining the essential sounding, reminiscent of Depeche Mode’s early work, but over a completely different musical arrangement: the rock/new wave sound has been replaced by a progressive techno beat, where the new composition’s title is Your Rules (2), which is a phrase from the original lyrics. Your Rules ‘does not compete with or weaken the market for the creative work that gets remixed’ (Lessig 56): Your Rules both complements and compliments Candidate.




Stolichnaya Vodka adverts remix the most notorious symbols of the USSR substituting the key image with lemons or slices.

This advert represents Mikhail Gorbachev, recognizable by the scar on his forehead. Other posters feature the Kremlin, the famous Russian Dolls (Matryoshka), the Mammer-and-Sickle, and the Sputnik.

An interesting amalgam of adventure book heroes that not only defies the informed reader's ideas of these fiction novel characters but also plays with our knowledge of recent world history. The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen features Captain Nemo, Tom Soyer, Dorian Grey, Hawley Griffin (an Invisible Man), Dr. Jekyll (and Mr. Hyde of course), Wilhelmina "Mina" Harker (Dracula's Jonathan Harker's wife) and King Solomon's Mines protagonist Allan Quatermain in a dizzying action packed save-the-world flick.

Technological wonders never seize to amaze the viewer in the League - from the Nautilus which was not anything so ultra tech in Jules Vernes' imagination to a 1915 British tank which makes its first appearance in 1899 in the streets of London breaking through the facade walls of the Bank of England driven by German military astonishingly looking like Nazi officers.

Kwang Hoo Lee, Mona Chair
Kwang Hoo Lee - Mona Chair
Naoto Hattori, Notorious Bi-at-ch

Naoto Hattori, Sweet Dreams